Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

It's Thursday, so you know what that means! Yep, it's time for another 'Throwback Thursday' offered by Cara from The First Grade Parade.  My original post was from May 19th of this year {I don't have many to choose from!} Be sure to scroll down to the end for a camping freebie!  Reading my original post cracks me up.  I was (and still slightly am) so green.  I started this blog with no idea how to do anything.  It's been all trial by error.  I did finally learn how to download the whole camping pack, so it too is available from my TpT store at a discounted price if you want both the math and literacy portions of the camping packs.  You can see it HERE.


SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2013

Camping Early Learning Packs

I learned something very valuable today.  I have shops in both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  Other than a little different formatting and a small percentage of commission that is taken, I thought they were pretty much the same.  Big difference in the size of files they accept!  I have been working on my camping pack for awhile now and whenever I would get a new idea of something I wanted to use in class, I would add it to the pack.  Well, apparently it got so large for the TpT store I had to break it up into two packs.  Therefore, at my TpT store I have a "S'more Early Learning Language and Literacy Camping Pack" and a "S'more Early Learning Math Camping Pack".  
You can check out my TpT Early Learning Math Pack HERE
However, my Teacher's Notebook shop allowed me to download the whole file so both the language, literacy, math, and craftivities are in one place.  It is a little cheaper to buy the pack that has everything........just so you know.  :)
Click HERE to see this at my Teacher's Notebook shop.
Here are a few things offered in my camping pack.

In addition, I have one more camping freebie to offer.  This is a language activity that doesn't necessarily have to be done with a camping theme.  I ended up creating it in the middle of our activities, so I gave it some camping clipart.  :)  Little learners sort activities/games by whether they are done inside or outside.  Of course there are a few that could go either way.  Maybe that would be a good time to pull out the hoola hoops and do a venn diagram!
Thanks for reading (and I love comments)!  Have a great day.  :)
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