Friday, May 26, 2017

Ice Cream Activities! Plus a Sale!

Whew! Another year is in the books.  We celebrated the end of the year with an ice cream theme.  Here is a peek of just a few of our activities.
We made sundaes.  The whipped topping is a mixture of shaving cream and white liquid glue.  Real sprinkles were added.  To make the cherry on top, a small piece of red pipe cleaner was hot glued to a red pompom ball.
They look good enough to almost eat! ;)
We did some color the room and draw the room activities with ice cream cone shapes.  Color the room may be now of my little ones favorite activities.

Another craft we did was to make these soft serve cones.  Students cut out the pieces, then scrunched and glued tissue paper to the ice cream.  It was a great activity to work on some fine motor skills.
We also made ice cream cone names by cutting the pieces, gluing the cone together and then writing each letter in order.
For alphabet work, we matched letter sounds to letters of the alphabet.
 We worked on reviewing colors and reading color sight words.
 We also worked on shapes and shape sight words.

 We counted out scoops and put them on top of the correct cones.  And then, of course, we ended our year with an ice cream party.  It was the perfect way to celebrate all our learning!
  Here's a list of everything included in my newest pack.    
Ice Cream Pack Activities
Color Matching Activity: Students match the ice cream cones by color and color word.  To add more of a challenge, use the color sight words in black font.  This activity can be used on cookie sheets, magnet boards, in pocket charts, or be made into a file folder games.

Ice Cream Color Memory Match:  Play a memory game or play face up for younger learners.  Ideas for use: Pass out and have students find their matching partner, place around the room and have students find the matching card.  Can also be used in a pocket chart. An ink saving pattern is available, just run on construction paper or color with markers.

Rainbow Ice Cream Color Student Sheet:  Two versions are available, depending on the level of your learner.  One has color word written in matching color font and the other is in black font.

Ice Cream Shape Cards:  Help students recognize shape sight words with this activity where student match the shapes to the shape words. Use on a cookie sheet, magnet board, in a pocket chart, or make into file folder games.

Color the Room Shape Cards:  Place shape cards around the room.  Students find the cards and color the cones the same color.  There is a second version where students draw the shape, rather than color the shape.

Sweet Shape Cards: Students match ice cream cones by shapes.  Play memory, Go Fish, use cards for a color the room activity, find matching partners, etc.

Sweet Shape Student Sheet:  Students cut and glue the ice cream cones by shape.

Counting Cones:  Students count the number of scoops of ice cream and match the number card.

How many Scoops?  Cones have numbers on them.  Students place that many scoops of ice cream on top of the cone.  There is a blank cone that students can roll a die and place that many scoops on top.  

How Tall is My Ice Cream Cone?  Place in order from greatest to least or least to greatest.

Number cards from 0 to 31:  Use during calendar time, print two copies and play memory, pass out and have students line up in numeral order, place a series of cards in a row.  Students can figure out what number comes before or after or what number is missing in the series.

Alphabet Cards:  Students place upper and lowercase scoops on the cone that has the matching letter sound picture.

Scoop of Sounds Student Sheets:  Students cut and glue the scoop of ice cream on the correct cone.  There are several options available to allow for differentiation.  Match alphabet letter to letter sound (both upper and lowercase are available to choose from).  Match uppercase to lowercase letter or for the easiest version, match like letters.

Alphabet Soft Serve Cones:  Use during calendar time, print two copies and play memory, and use for the student ABC Cones color the letter activity.

ABC Cones:  Pick an alphabet card or name a letter or letter sound.  Students find and color in the letter on their recording sheets.  Four versions of the sheets are available.  Choose the one that works best for your learner(s).

Three Step Sequencing Cards and Student Sheets:  Choose from building a sundae or an ice cream cone.  Color cards are available as a teaching tool and black and white pictures allow students to cut apart and place in order.  Glue on a sentence strip or half a sheet of paper cut lengthwise.

Ice Cream Sundae Patterns:  Patterns to make adorable ice cream sundaes crafts

Anchor Chart Pieces:  Create an anchor chart to show your students’ favorite kind of ice cream, sauce, and/or toppings.  

Swirl Cone Craft:  Students cut and decorate a soft serve ice cream cone. 

Ice Cream Cone Names:  Students sequence the letters of their names on scoops of ice cream and stack on top of a cone for a sweet name activity.

You can find these activities HERE.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

TPT Gift Card Giveaway!

Big News!  
Not only is Teachers Pay Teachers having a site wide sale, I have two $10 gift cards to give away!
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flower Power: Learning All About Plants!

 A couple weeks ago, we finished up a study of plants.  My little learners were so engaged and invested in our learning.  To make the above flower activity, I picked up several paint samples from a hardware store.  They happened to have petal shaped cards, which worked out perfectly.  The stems, leaves, and seeds were all cut from paint sample cards, too.
We learned about the parts of flower and the life cycle of a plant.
We planted our own seeds and kept track of the little plants growth with our own journals.
Besides all the science, we jazzed up our every day learning by carrying over our plant theme into our circle time, small groups, and independent activities.
These cute little flowers are actually a first and last name  activity.
You can find all these activities in my Plant Pack.  It's half price this week.  Check it out!
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