Saturday, April 29, 2017

ROAR! Dinosaur Activities!

With 20 little ones in my class,  of which 18 are boys, I knew a dinosaur theme would be a huge hit,  And, boy was I ever right!  We are all loving the activities, which are packed full of learning fun.
 We have been working on reading color words.  This Color-saurus sheet made coloring fun, even for boys. ;)
We learned about paleontologists and then practiced using magnifying glasses to identify shapes inside dinosaur eggs and then matched them to their mama dinosaurs!
We practiced matching and naming shapes on our own with this shape-asaurus student sheet.
After dipping dinosaur feet in paint, the little loves painted dinosaur tracks.  LOVED it!
 The paleontologists studied dinosaur bones and fossil making with play dough and sand.  Another huge hit!
 Using dinosaur claws and feet, the little learners wore letters and numbers as we march around saying the alphabet and counting.  Our dinosaur parades we so much fun!
 One sweet boy made his own dinosaur feet and claws to take home! L.O.V.E.
 Speaking of dinosaur feet, we practiced sequencing and writing the alphabet and numbers here.
We also made some take home dinosaur books
We are learning all about different types of dinosaurs and are making a non-fiction book to take home.
We made these adorable baby dinosaur, too.
I put all these activities and MANY more in my newest pack.

Here is a list of everything that is included:
Dinosaur Pack:
Dinosaur Vocabulary:  Introduce little learners to some basic dinosaur vocabulary before you start your unit. and review throughout.  Display in a pocket chart, place in a writing center, and encourage students to write and draw pictures of words.
Dinosaur Colors and Color Words:  Depending on the level of your learner, students can match dinosaurs by color and color word or use words in black font and encourage reading color sight words.
Dinosaur Color Memory Match:  Play memory, ‘Go Fish’, or hide around the room and have students find the matches.  These are just as a few examples of fun things to do with these cards!  A black and white pattern is included to save on ink.
Colorsaurus Student Sheets:  Two versions to choose from, depending on the level of your learner.
Dinosaur Shape Cards:  Students match dinosaurs by shape and shape words.  Shapes included are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, oval octagon, pentagon, octagon, star, crescent, and heart.
Dinosaur Egg and Mama Shape Match:  Students can use magnifying glasses (optional) to view the baby dinosaurs in the eggs and then match to the same mama shape dinosaur.
Shape-a-saurus Student Sheet:   Students cut and glue the matching dinosaur on the egg with the same shape.
Dino ABC’s:  Adorable dinosaurs that have upper and lowercase letters on them.  Students can line them up in alphabetical order, match them to dinosaur eggs that have letter sound pictures on them, or use with the Dino-Mite ABC student sheets.
Dinosaur Eggs With Letter Sound Pictures:  Colorful dino eggs that have pictures to represent all the letters of the alphabet.  Match with dinosaur abc’s or use with Dino-mite ABC’s student sheets.
Dinosaur Feet/Claws With Letters of the Alphabet and Numbers to 30:  Run alphabet and number claws/feet on different colors of paper, cardstock, or construction paper, laminate, and cut out. Students can line up in order of the numbers or alphabet letters. They can either carry them as claws or tape them on their feet. March around either reciting the alphabet or count the number of feet we had.  Of course, you need to roar every now and again! 
The same adorable dinosaurs that have abc’s on now have numbers 0 through 31. Students can line them up in numerical order, use with student sheets, sequence and figure out what number comes next or what number is missing.
Stegosaurus Counting Cards 0 -10:  Students count the number of spikes on each Stegosaurus.  Can also match with number, 10 frame and/or tally cards.
Ten Fame Dinosaur Egg Cards:  Ten frame dinosaur eggs from 0 through 10.  Match with Stegosaurus counting cards, tally mark cards and/or number cards
Dinosaur Bones Tally Mark Cards:  Dinosaur bones in a tally mark format.  Cards are from 0 to 20.  
Dinosaur Baby Number Cards:  Adorable baby dinosaurs breaking out of eggs on cards numbered from 0 to 31.
“My Dinosaur Book”  An easy emergent reader with a “This is a ________” format.  Dinosaurs featured include: Tyrannosaur Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and Brontosaurus.
“What I Know About Dinosaurs”:  Student sheet to go along with emergent reader.  Students cut and glue dinosaur names that are in the book.
All About Dinosaurs:  Students can make their very own factual non-fiction book to take home!  Realistic dinosaur pictures and facts that can be cut and glued on each dinosaur type page.  Students can also draw and write their own facts.  
Plant or Meat Eater Graph:  Pictures to create a graph showing which dinosaurs were meat eaters and which ones were plant eaters.  Use with the realistic dinosaur pictures and facts.  Choose which dinosaurs you want to highlight.
“My Favorite Dinosaur Graph:  Students vote on their favorite dinosaurs.  A student graph page is also included.  Black and white patterns are also included.
Dino-Craftivity:  Patterns and instructions to make an adorable dino craftivity!

You can find it HERE
Right now it is half price.  Check it out!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Springtime and Birds! Plus a freebie!

We have been super busy learning all about spring.  One part of our studies was to learn about the habits of birds in the spring.  We learned birds build nests, lay eggs, and take care of their babies until they are old enough to leave the nest.  To give this a "wings on" feel, we made a set of wings to wear.
I cut wing shapes from butcher paper (large sheets of construction paper would have also worked).  Then students had to snip the edges so they resembled feathers.  This was a great fine motor workout with scissors for the little learners.  Small strips of sentence strips were then stapled on each feather so the loves could slip them on their arms.
They were in heaven, having so much fun!  We then "took flight" outside to gather materials needed to make our own nests.
For a brief moment, we experienced the wonder and freedom of birds are we "soared" through the sky!
While we we flying around outside, each little one had a bag to collect everything they would need to build their own nests.  I grouped them by table and turned it into a cooperative learning experience.
To help them understand what type of things to look for and how to go about the process of building a nest, we watched the following video.
They were so interested, amazed, enthralled, and QUIET while viewing the clip!
Of course, you can't learn about nests without making a special birds nest treat!  This nest had more chocolate eggs originally but by the time I got around to snap a pic only one was left. ;)  This was made with Chinese noodles, chocolate chips, and robin egg candies.
Now, for your freebie!  It can be used as Easter, chicks, birds, spring, and a five senses activity!
Click on the picture to download.
Next up, PLANTS!
Be sure to check back!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)