Sunday, July 21, 2013

100 Follower Giveaway!

I am so excited to have over 100 followers of my little ole' blog!  As a thank you I have put together some Give-a-Ways with the help of the following amazing bloggers.  These ladies are so generous.  They are donating products from their Teacher's pay Teachers stores.
You will have three chances to win!
The first winner chosen will receive all of the following.  :)

Danielle from the Carolina Teacher
Carolina Teacher
is giving away 'Winner's Choice' from her TpT store!  She has tons of differentiated materials available at her store to choose from!
 Traci from The Bender Bunch
is giving away 'a Winner's Choice' item from her TpT store!  She has everything from classroom decor to reading fluency products available to choose from!
Kate from Fun in ECSE
Fun in ECSE
is giving away 'Winner's Choice' from her TpT store!  She has over 145 amazing products to choose from her store!  I have bought several from her myself.  :)
Danielle from CampWeWannaLearnAlot
has offered a pack from her TpT store!  She has
has 223 cute products and has just posted Kissing Hand, Brown Bear, One Cool Cat {Pete :)}, Transportation and Community Helpers units to her store!
The Teacher Wife
is giving away 'Winner's Choice' from her TpT store!  She is from Australia and pretty new to blogging and TpT {like me}but already has over 100 followers and many great products available from her store!
Beth from Laughter and Learning in Room 139 
Laughter and Learning in Room 139
is brand spanking new to blogging and does not have a TpT store yet, but has generously offered her Back to School Pack!
It is super cute!  Be sure to follow her blog so you can find out when she opens her TpT store!

and I am giving away 'Winners Choice' from my Teachers pay Teacher's or Teachers Notebook store!
The second winner will receive
one 'Winners Choice' from The Bender Bunch TpT store
 and one 'Winners Choice from my Preschool Wonders Tpt Store!
The third winner chosen will receive a 'Winners Choice' from my TpT store.
All we ask is that you follow our blogs!  We would also appreciate following any Teacher's pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook stores, as well. :)
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog with your name, email address, and what name you are following our blogs under.  Also, if you are a new follower to my TpT store or TN store, leave the number of follower you are.  :)
The winner will be chosen at the end of the month!
Good luck and THANK YOU for following my blog!
Have a great day!  :)


  1. Hi Lola,
    Giveaway looks great. You may want to add the date you will be choosing the winner! I didn't see this unless I overlooked it.

    The Bender Bunch

  2. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway! :)

    I follow all your blogs and stores under the name lorepuckett [lorepuckett at verizon dot net].

    If I win I'd love these products:

    from the Carolina Teacher, Differentiated CGI Math Problem Book;

    from The Bender Bunch, Make A Ten Math Games {6 Centers};

    from Fun in ECSE, Life's a Beach Pre-K and Kindergarten Math and Literacy Activities;

    from CampWeWannaLearnAlot, Brown Bear Math & Literacy Pack Common Core;

    from Books, Bugs & Boxes, Stop it, I don't like it social story;

    from Laughter and Learning in Room 139, Back to School Pack;

    from Preschool Wonders, Cinco de Mayo Early Learning Fiesta Fun.

    Thank you! :)

  3. I can't wait to see who the winners are! :)

    Laughter and Learning in Room 139

  4. I follow all the blogs as Cherie Mae Ong. I am following using Bloglovin'.

  5. I am following all of your blogs on Bloglovin (Amanda Politano). Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    Amanda Politano

  6. I am following all of your blogs on Bloglovin' (clyons). I am a new follower of your TPT store (#86). Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  7. I'm a new follower! You have an awesome blog!

    Meagan England
    Oodles of Teaching Fun

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  9. Hello, Lola. Thank you very much and also to your fellow blogging colleagues above for the very generous giveaway! I am following all of your blogs on Bloglovin' (hhhong) and am person #78 following your TpT store. Thank you for all your useful resources!

    Helen Hong (

  10. Congratulations! I am following each blog & each TPT store. Thank you for the chance to win! I am following TPT & blogs w/ the name dbednarsk.

  11. TPT Follower 83. Thanks to you and your fellow bloggers for their generosity. I follow each blog under Irene Reyna. My email is Thanks again.

  12. This is great! I follow all your blogs using bloglovin! Also, I follow your TPT store already so I don't have a number to write in!

    My email is:

  13. Wow! This is an AMAZING giveaway! I have been following your blog for the last month now, and was excited to find another teacher that has a preschool blog.

    Ashley Copeland

  14. New to your blogg and glad I found it! I follow under chicky73.

  15. I follow your blog - Bloglovin, twitter, TPT store #88, and FB page.

    Roxanne Sterling Clinton

  16. Phoenix kindergarten is good to develop the writing, reading and speaking skills of babies so that they can good speakers and competent writers.

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  18. I am new to your blog and can't wait to explore! I am following under the name CraftingChic79 at I've already found so many great resources!