Monday, July 31, 2017

$TPT Gift Card Giveaway and a BTS Sale!

Happy day!  I'm excited to be a part of Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale that will run from August 1st through August 2nd.  As a way of saying "thank you" to my readers, followers, and friends, I am offering you a chance to win a $10 TPT gift card!  Be sure to enter below for a chance to win!
Here are a few of my newest favorite Back to School products that will be on sale in my store.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Christmas in July $1 Day!

Hopefully you have been able to take advantage of the Christmas in July sale that has been going on the past two days.  Today will be the last day of the sale and it's a good one!  Many SPED sellers are offering one of their products for $1 only!
To see all the amazing deals you will need to enter #spedchristmas1 in the search bar on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I will be offering my newest pack that I just posted yesterday.  I am super excited about my new Superhero Pack:  Math, Literacy, and Back to School Activities!
This pack is 137 pages long.  Here is what's included:
Superhero Color Matching Activity: Students match the superhero symbols by color and/or color word.  To add more of a challenge, use the color sight words in black font.  This activity can be used on cookie sheets, magnet boards, in pocket charts, or be made into a file folder games.
Superhero Color Memory Match:  Play a memory game or play face up for younger learners.  Ideas for use: Pass out and have students find their matching partner, place around the room and have students find the matching card.  Can also be used in a pocket chart. An ink saving pattern is available, just run on construction paper or color with markers.
Superhero Color Student Sheet:  Two versions are available, depending on the level of your learner.  One has color word written in matching color font and the other is in black font.
Superhero Shape Cards:  Help students recognize shape sight words with this activity where student match the shapes to the shape words. Use on a cookie sheet, magnet board, in a pocket chart, or make into file folder games.
Superhero Shaped Symbol Cards:  Play a memory game or play face up for younger learners.  Use with the color the room shapes sheet.  Additional ideas for use: Pass out and have students find their matching partner, place around the room and have students find the matching card.  Can also be used in a pocket chart
Superhero Shapes Student Sheets:  Students cut and glue the superhero shaped symbols to the matching picture.  There are also color the room by shape, turn over a card and color the matching shape, and draw the shape pages.
Superhero Alphabet Cards:  Both upper and lowercase letters to use during circle/calendar time, to teach letter recognition, play memory, and use with letter sound cards.
Superhero Sound Cards:  Match letter sound pictures to upper and/or lowercase alphabet cards.
“Pow” Cards:  Extra cards that can be inserted into both alphabet or number cards to turn them into a fun game!
Superhero Alphabet Smash:  Students find and color the letter that matches an alphabet or letter sound card.  Sheets are offered in both upper and lowercase.
Superhero Fill in the Letter Sheets:  Students write the missing letters in the sequence.  Both upper and lowercase versions are available.
Superhero Number Cards to 30:  Use during circle/calendar time, to teach number recognition, to sequence numbers, print two copies and play memory, etc.
Superhero Number Smash: Students find and color the numbers from 1 to 20.  Only use the numbers you need to work on or use all 20 numbers.  Helps with number recognition! 
Superhero Fill in the Number Sheet:  Students write the missing numbers in the sequence.
Where’s the Superhero?:  An interactive emergent reader that targets positional words: 0n, under, above, beside, between, and next to.  Students cut apart superheroes and glue on the page according to the directions.
Superhero Ordinal Numbers:  Help your students learn ordinal numbers from first through fifth with this interactive sheet.  Three versions are available to allow for differentiation. 
Superhero Powers Activity:  Wrap a label around a container, such as a Crystal Light container.  Decide which skill your student(s) need to practice and give them the cards needed. The student will name the card and drop it in the container, if correct.  Keep naming until all cards are in the container!  You can also use to help identify letters in students’ names.  
Superhero Brag Tags:  Hand out the brag tags anytime you catch a student displaying extraordinary superhero behavior/skills.  Students can collect them and add to the necklace or make a new necklace every time.  You may also choose to use on a keychain and attach to a student’s backpack.  
Getting to Know Your Superheroes:  Use at meet the teacher/back to school night or send home.  Parents or teachers help little ones fill out the Superhero Student Sheet.  Use with the Superhero Craftivity to make an adorable bulletin board!  
Superhero Craftivity:  Students can make this super cute craftivity to display the Superhero Student Sheet.
Superhero Crowns:  Use on the first day of school or whenever positive behavior has occurred.  Use as a favor if a party has been earned for good behavior or certain skills have been attained.
Student Superhero Masks:  Transform your students into superhero students with these fun masks!  
And, today, July 25th, it's only $1!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Christmas In July Day Two!

I hope you were able to take advantage of Christmas in July yesterday.  If not, don't fret because day two is underway today!  Go to Teachers Pay Teachers and search #spedchristmas2 to take advantage of items specially priced for $2 that normally sell for much more.
My special $2 item is my Beginning of the Year Back to School Pack that can actually be used all year long!  It's normally priced at $6, but today only you can get it for just $2!
This pack is 135 pages.  Here is what is included:
Beginning of the Year Mega Pack:
School Supplies Color Sort: Print, laminate and cut apart. Student match supplies by color. Color words are in both black font to encourage reading color words by sight, as well as in matching color younger students to match by color. A black and white version of pictures is also included as an ink saving option, just print on construction paper or color the pictures yourself. A ‘Color the Room’ student page is included to allow you to place cards around the room or draw a card and students color the picture to match the color. This allows you to use only the color/colors you choose. Students can also use these cards to sort by more than one attribute {sort by color and/or by school supply}
School Bus/Stop Sign Color Sort: Print, laminate, and cut apart cards. Students match the school bus and stop signs by color. Use to sort, play memory, in a pocket chart, on magnet board/cookie sheet, or as a file folder game.
Muffin Tin Pom Pom Color Sort: Print, laminate, cut out and place in the bottom of a muffin tin/cupcake pan. Provide students with fuzzy pom pom balls, tweezers, tongs, or other objects to pick up a pom pom and place by color in the muffin tin. Adds a fun fine motor element, plus roll a die and add some counting skills, too!
School Bus/Stop Sign Color Match Clothespin Clip: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut out. Students clip clothespin to matching color on wheel.
Color Bus Spinners: Two spinners to use/choose from. Print, laminate and add a spinner or use a paperclip and the point of a pencil to create a spinner. Students spin and then color a bus on their own page to match. When completed, count the colors and decide greatest and least colors. 
School Bus Cube Count: Students place Unifix cubes or blocks of the same color on each school bus. They then stack by color and graph the results on their own recording sheets. Five different pages offered.
Shape Sort: Print, laminate and cut apart. Students sort shapes. Shapes included are circle, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, oval, pentagon, rectangle, square, trapezoid, and triangle.
Shape Match Clothespin Clip: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut out. Students clip clothespin to matching shape on wheel.
Use the shape wheel and make into a spinner or draw a shape card and have students color that shape on their own recording sheet.
‘The (Shape) Wheels on the Bus Class Book: School busses with different shape wheels and their attributes are on the pages of this book that can be read together. Shapes included are: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, rhombus, rectangle, oval, pentagon, trapezoid, octagon, star, heart, and crescent. Print only the pages you wish to use.
Individual Student ‘Wheels on the Bus’ Emergent Reader. A simple version that students can color and take home to help students identify different shaped wheels on the bus. Shapes included are: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, rhombus, rectangle, oval, pentagon, trapezoid, octagon, star, heart, and crescent. Print only the pages you wish to use.
Wheels on the Bus Shape Match: Students cut and glue shapes to match on the student page.
What’s Your Bus Number? Bus Counting Cards from 0 to 20: Print, laminate, and cut apart. Students match numbers, students on the bus, and ten frames by number. Use only the cards needed. You can extend the activity by using the cards in a sequence with one missing. Students have to figure out the missing number in a sequence. You may also wish to give two or three students the same number cards and have them find their partner(s). Use counters with these cards for one to one correspondence. Play memory or Go Fish with the cards. The possible activities are endless!
What’s Your Bus Number Student Recording/Assessment Sheet: Students turn over a number card, find the bus of the same number, and color the bus. Use with number cards, counting cards, or ten frame cards. Sheet has numbers 1-10.
Classroom Crayons One and Two Step Following Directions: Print and cardstock, laminate, and cut apart. Glue a library pocket, envelope, or empty crayon box behind the large crayon box cut out. Place the crayons with directions in the library pocket cardholder on the back. Students choose a crayon and follow the direction(s). A great beginning of the year ice breaker activity to promote building a class family! 18 direction cards, plus 6 blank cards to write your own.
i-Pad Alphabet Cards and Beginning Letter Sound Cards: Uppercase, lowercase, and letter sound cards on i-Pad clipart. Print, laminate, and cut-apart. Students can match uppercase to uppercase, lowercase to lowercase, uppercase to lowercase, and letters to letter sound cards. Use in pocket charts, face up, on cookie sheets/magnet boards, file folder games or play memory/go fish with these cards. Use only the letters you are working on, as a review tool, or on letter you want to introduce. Also use these cards with the large i-Pad activities.
Large i-Pads With ABC’s: Whole page size i-Pads with Uppercase or lowercase letters on them. Print and laminate. Two are in alphabetical order to make finding the letters easier and two are in random order for a more challenging activity. Students draw a letter card or a letter sound card, find the letter on the i-Pad and color it in with a dry erase marker or place a chip on the letter.
Black and White Large i-Pads With ABC’s: The same version as above, but print on paper and use as a student assessment/recording sheet.
I Spy Rhymes: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart cards. Students match rhyming pairs. Use in a pocket chart, play memory, use on a magnetic board/cookie sheet backed with magnet tape, match face up or make into a file folder game. 
I Spy Rhymes Sheets: Two student assessment/recording pages are also included. Students turn a card over and find the rhyme on the page, and then color the picture.
All About Me Pennant: Print one pennant for each student. Either send home to be filled out with parents or complete at school. After all pennants have been completed hang on the wall, bulletin board, or hallway. You may also string together with ribbon by hole punching the sides on top and running yarn or ribbon through the punches. 
‘Hip, Hip, Hurray! I Had a Great First Day!’ Headband: Students can color the pictures and the headband can be cut out and put together to wear home on the first day of school!
‘This is Me On the First Day of School’ Paper: Students can draw themselves and write their name or take a photo and attach to the paper. There is also a ‘Last Day of School’ page included to allow students and parents to see the growth throughout the year.
‘At School’ Emergent Reader: An original book that helps students know school expectations. There are sixteen pages to choose from. You choose the ones you want to include. I have used this type of book for years and have found it is an all-time student favorite.
‘Dot, Dot, Not a Lot’ Student Page: Students match the number of dots to the number on the glue bottles, and then add that many dots of glue. This activity combines counting with glue squeezing practice (a student favorite)
Use these activities as arrival/table time activities, center activities, small group instruction, stations, and during circle/learning times. These activities are designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last day of our Christmas in July $1 day!
Happy shopping!
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Christmas in July!

 Today I have gotten together with some other SPED teachers to offer $3 deals for the start of a Christmas in July sale.  The $3 sale is for items normally priced near $10 on TPT. Just enter the code #spedchristmas3 in the search bar to see all the amazing deals!  Plus, everything else in my store is an additional 20% off!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for another treat!
Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)