Friday, July 26, 2013

Data Collection Freebie!

I am linking up with Leigh from the Applicious Teacher for her weekly linky.  This week it is about data collection.  I teach a blended Early Childhood Special Education/Title 1 class.  For my students with IEP's, I have specific goals I need to keep track of for IEP progress reports {and legal reasons}.   For my Title 1 students I don't have specific IEP goals, but rather take more general data, such as color, shape, counting/numbers, and alphabet recognition.  I keep track of data in a variety of ways.  During circle time I have students take turns completing either color, shape. math, and/or alphabet activities.  I will take note of who was able to successfully complete these activities by jotting down info on post it notes to transfer later.  I also include some activities that require students to color, draw, or bingo dot on paper.  I collect these and put them in portfolio folders to share at conferences or for progress reports/grade card documentation.  I also pull individual or small groups of students during center time to take data or work with individually. Since each student on an IEP has different goals, I make those data sheets at the beginning of the school year or after a initial or review IEP is held during the school year, specific to each IEP goal.  Here are some samples of some of my data collection forms.  I use the first three for all my students.  The last one can be used to keep track of IEP goals.
I have the data sheets available at my Teacher's pay Teachers store.  If you are interested you can view them HERE for free!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the data sheet. I am looking to change some of mine and this may work for some of them! I was surprised at how many shapes your kiddos need to know and some of the quantitative concepts (such a hard skill for them). I was wondering how many of your kids go on to regular kindergarten and how many go on to specific CI, ASD, etc. classrooms. In the past year we are having a larger number of students having to go into more specific programs and was wondering if it was the same for you.
    Fun in ECSE

  2. Since my class is a blended SPED/Title 1 most go on to regular ed classrooms, but the classrooms that are total SPED have many more going into SIP programs (which is the CI, ED, ASD). I know the SPED teachers are having the same trouble as you. It's almost like we have the opposite problem because my title kids will get no support once they enter kindergarten. That is why I introduce them to all the shapes/concepts they will need to know in kindergarten. The funny thing about all that is my SPED kids seem to get it before my title kids! Of my 20 kids last year, two qualified for special placements, the others go onto reg ed. The SPED kids going on to reg ed will get resource help, at least.

  3. Someone recently nominated me for this award because I had less than 200 blog followers, so I am paying it forward and nominating you. See my post to see what you can do:

  4. I am glad to hear that we are not alone in the types of students coming in changing drastically. I started teaching ecse three years ago and my first year all, but one student went on to kindergarten and were very successful in K and now there is maybe half or less that are going onto K and I worry about them being successful. At least your kiddos will get resource help! That will make things a lot easier for them with such a major transition!