Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins/Ten Pins Linky

I am combining linky parties today with Cara Carroll's Favorite Pins Friday and this week's Ten Pin Linky Party hosted by Ashley from Just Reed for science and social studies pins.  I love, love, love doing science project with my sweet little ones.  It is so fun to watch their faces full of awe, amazement, and wonderment as we do something so simple as color mixing or mix vinegar and baking soda to make a volcano explode!  I wish I could do science every day, but it seems I can never find enough time to get everything crammed into an already jam packed day.  Here are some of my favorite science pins.  Many have a sensory aspect to them, as well.  Most of my learners are sensory seekers OR sensory avoiders so I try to include sensory into science as much as I can.  You can follow my Pinterest science/sensory board by clicking HERE.
You can make your own fidgets for your little ones. This pin came from Tots Treasures.
PreK and Sharing has a great post about using sensory tables in the classroom along with a freebie.
This pin is from Mom to 2 Posh Divas where you can also get great ideas for your sensory table.
How about this summer scented rice? So fun!
This is from the Chocolate Muffin Tree

What's not to love with any experiment involving gummy bears?

Sink or float experiment from Chasing Cheerios
Science Discovery Bottles from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits
Here is an adorable free worksheet to use with your sink or float experiments!
I really want a light box in my class!  It's Teea Time gives step by step directions.
Ginger Snaps has a set of free Scientific Methods cards to use with your sweeties.
Be sure to head over to both linkies to add your own pins and also get some great ideas!

Thanks for reading!  Have  great day.  :)

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  1. These look so fun! Can I be in your class? LOL! My kids love science experiments too! Thanks for sharing!

    A Tall Drink of Water