Friday, December 20, 2013

5 for Beautiful Friday!

Whew!  We made it!  That sums up this past week.  It was crazy busy, but oh so fun.  I had lots of meetings to get in before break, so the amazing Valerie did more than her fair share to get us to this point.  Thank you Valerie!  Here are some of our highlights from the week.
Jingle kept returning from the North Pole and landing in different spots around the room to keep an eye on us.  We kept a picture journal of his sightings.
Monday he hung out with us above our snack table.
Tuesday he landed on our flower.
Wednesday he stayed in a vase.

Thursday he had a great view above out Teamboard.
He was so very pleased at what he saw!
We worked so hard on these art projects for our parents.  I love how beautiful they are.  Each one is unique in a special way.  
My speech and language sweeties made one for our most amazing SLP.
The original idea came from HERE.
We did manage to squeeze in lots of fun learning activities during the week, like this one.
 We matched numbers and then put that many lights on our Christmas trees.
Thursday was our super fun day!  We wore pajamas, watched Polar Express, and had a visit from Santa! How much fun can you squeeze into one day?!
I love these Santa headbands.  :)  They make me happy!  I got the original idea HERE.
And then last, but not least, I finished up a couple of packs that are now available on TpT and TN.
The Mitten Retelling Pack available here on TpT or here TN.
The Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow available here on TpT and here on TN.
Link up with Doodle Bug's Teaching for your Five for Friday!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful holiday.  :)  May your dreams be merry and bright!


  1. Love those Christmas trees! And I actually laughed out loud at the santa craft- adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    The Land of I Can

  2. How cute are those Santa masks!?!? It looks like your students had a lot of fun this week!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

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