Monday, December 12, 2016

Using Your Elf in Engaging. Learning. Fun. {ELF! Activities}

Do you have an Elf in your classroom?  Our classroom elf made his appearance this week.  My sweet ones are super excited and I wanted to capitalize on their excitement with some engaging learning activities with an Elf theme.  
To incorporate writing activities, each little learner has an Elf Journal to record where our Elf appears each morning.
I have seen a huge amount of success with illustrations this year since talking about what shapes are needed to draw certain pictures.  I am nothing less than amazed with my sweet babies illustrations.  In these drawings, our elf was hiding in the mouth of our old lady puppet, as you can clearly see!
This is the first page of our journal.  I love seeing the different stages of writing each little learner is in.  There is everything from scribble writing to random strings of letters, to actual words.  Each stage is exciting to watch as it develops into the next level.
Ordinal numbers are a part of our early learning standards, but it is a very difficult concept for most.  We used a real shelf and different stuffed animals to work on first, second, third, fourth, and fifth.  This is a concept that seems super easy at first, but let me tell you, it is very difficult!  We practiced a lot with objects and even ourselves lining up.  This is something we will definitely revisit again.

Positional words can also be tricky for the early learner.  Here I used a shelf and an actual elf to help my learners with some hands on activities to reinforce this concept.
Then, we practiced again in this take home reader.

Using present tree ornaments (available at most craft stores), we counted for some one to one correspondence practice. 
After that, we tried to figure out the missing number in a sequence.
What's an Elf Theme without an adorable craftivity?  This project had a lot of difficult cutting, but my pre-k students rocked their scissor skills!  Didn't they turn out super cute?
You can find these activities and MUCH more in my Elf Pack.

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