Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Gingerbread Week!

We read so many different versions of gingerbread books this week and then made our own!

Some of my learners have mastered letter recognition and are ready for letter sounds, so they matched cookies to plates by abc's/alphabet sounds.
 For extra alphabet practice, this little learner is finding letters of the alphabet on the gingerbread house gumdrop roof.
 To work on math concepts, we used these gingerbread ten frame counting sheets with dice and gumdrops.  They are loving all these hands on activities!
 Of course, no gingerbread unit is complete without making your own gingerbread cookies!
 And, gingerbread play dough is the BEST!
That was a peek at our Gingerbread Week!  :
 I just completed my Gingerbread Pack: Math and Literacy activities.  Here's a peek at what's included:

Some of the literacy activities are a positional word interactive emergent reader.

 A "Man on the Pan" rhyming activity, along with a student sheet to check understanding.
Upper and lowercase recognition activities, using gumdrops or other markers
Along with a black and white student page to use with a bingo dot marker or crayon/marker.
Matching letter sounds to letters of the alphabet.  Also matching upper and lower case letters.
A gingerbread man class book template with different cover options
and clues for your own gingerbread hunt throughout the school! 
So. Much. Fun!
Some math activities include: non-standard measuring.
Numbers concepts, such as ten frames, tally marks, one to one correspondence, number, and number word recognition.
One to one correspondence counting activities with gumdrops/candies or counters.
Ten frame counting with gumdrops/candies or counters.
Color matching and color word recognition

Student recording sheets
 Cookie shape matching and shape sight word activities

and student recording sheets
These are just some of the activities.
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