Saturday, December 17, 2016

Adorable Keepsake Parent Christmas Gift! {With a Freebie}

Are you needing an easy, quick, inexpensive parent gift?  This could be the thing for you, then!  This is a version of one of my gifts from my son when he was in preschool.  20 years later I still unpack it with my Christmas decorations.  It still melts my heart! 💝
I helped my students paint their hand green and press it on white construction paper in the shape of a wreath.  {Tip, I use sponge paint brushes to help control the amount of paint to dry faster}.  After the hands are dry, my little ones dipped their finger in red paint to make berries.
Next, I glued the wreath print on larger black construction paper, taped the corners with Washi tape {I found mine at Michael's}, and last added the hand signed tag at the bottom.
Voilá!  Easy, adorable, and very meaningful!
For the FREE tags, click here!
Merry Christmas!

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