Saturday, September 19, 2015

Apples, Apples, & More Apples!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to highlight my week with Five for Friday.  Let's take a look at our apple themed fun!
After reading "Ten Apples Up on Top", we tried to see how many 'apples' {beanbags} we could stack on top of our heads…….
My littles loved this!  It brought lots of giggles out.  :)
We taste tested red, green, and yellow apples and then voted on our favorite.
This year 'Yellow Apple' was the favorite.  We graphed the results and then to show our favorite, each sweetie made their own apple in the color they liked best.
We are going to add arms, hands, legs and feet next week.
To practice positional words, we did a few different things each day.  The repetition really helped them remember by the end of the week.
We glued 'worms' on each page {yarn pieces} according to the directions.  You can find a copy of this free positional word reproducible book resource HERE.
We then used apple cut-outs to practice positional words on our bodies.  This got them up and moving, which is always a good thing in pre-k, especially for kinesthetic learners!
We also practiced positional words on the interactive whiteboard.  

Then each little learner was pulled aside later and asked to glue apples on various parts of an assessment page so I could see how much information was retained
 {If you wanted to assess the class at the same time to make it easier to assess, you could use the black and white copy of the apples colored different colors.  Then you could be more specific and tell them to glue the yellow apple X, the green apply Y, and the purple apple Z, etc.}
This page is part of my Assessment pack that you can find HERE.
Speaking of my Assessment pack, I wanted to show a few photos of how it is organized.
I am using clear pencil pouches to hold the cards needed for a particular assessment. Any charts are kept in page protector sheets.
I also keep the portfolio pages in clear page protector sheets for easy access.
The data pages are three hole punched and kept behind the divider page for that particular area of assessment.  It has made assessments SO much easier.  :)
This week we also sorted apples by size, which is always a harder skill than realized.  Sometimes it surprises me!
We also match apples to color words.
This is from a fantastic freebie you can find HERE.
This week, our nursery rhyme was 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.
You can find patterns for this and more nursery rhymes HERE.

Thanks for taking a peek into our week!
Have a great day.  :)

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