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Since I changed schools this year and am now teaching a slightly different program I am in charge of my own assessments.  I have been working a long time {obsessed is more like it} on a new assessment pack.  Well, I'm FINALLY finished and super excited about it.  It's packed with assessment tools, data sheets, mini progress reports, and portfolio pages.

Here's a look at what's in it and how I plan to use it.
For color and shape identification I have both charts and individual cards.  Why have both?  Sometimes a little one will give more than one answer when assessing a skill.  By having two different ways to assess I can go back and double check any answer I'm not 100% sure was correct.  It also allows me to see what level of mastery the student is on.  Can he/she name colors or is he/she still at the matching or pointing to colors/shapes when named.  Having both helps me narrow down and really understand where the student's level of mastery is.
Depending on the age and the level of my students, I will choose which assessments to use.  For instance, if my little ones haven't mastered 2D shape identification, I won't proceed to 3D shapes.  However, for my little ones who have mastered that skill and are ready for a new challenge I have 3D shape cards and charts.  
I have also identified Common Core State Standard expectations.
There are tons of counting activities to choose from, including one to one correspondence, number identification, sequencing numbers, writing numbers, and ten frames.  I can feel confident my learner knows math concepts.
For alphabet activities, there are uppercase, lowercase, and letter sound cards to see what my learners know.  I also have several recording sheets and charts to choose from.
Other skills assessed include Rhyming and 3 or 4 Step Sequencing…
Sorting, Size Order, and Patterning…
Positional Word Assessment.  It always amazed me at how hard this can be for my little ones.  It seems we can't get enough practice with this concept.

These are just some of the activities PLUS there are data sheets {class and individual}portfolio pages, and mini progress reports,  GALORE!

Binder covers and dividers come in color and black and white.
Plus directions, ideas and tips on how to administer the assessments!

Here's everything that's included:
Ultimate Assessment, Data Collection, and Portfolio Pack; What’s Included:
Color Cards and Color Chart
2D Shape Cards and Shape Charts
3D Shape Cards and Shape Charts
Numbers Cards from 1-20
Uppercase Alphabet Cards and Charts
Lowercase Alphabet Cards and Charts
Letter Sound Picture Cards 
Rhyming Cards
Counting Cards
Sorting Cards and Charts
Size Order Cards
Ten Frame Cards
Positional Word Charts/Activity
3 and 4 step Sequencing Cards
Greater Than/Less Than Chart
Cutting Pages
Tracing Pages
Drawing Pages
Individual Student Pages to put in Student’s Portfolio.  These include: Upper and Lowercase Assessment Sheets, Letter Sounds, Rhyming Assessment, Sequencing Numbers, Tracing/Cutting/Drawing Pages, Ten Frame Assessments, Sorting Assessment, 3 and 4 
Step Activity, Positional Word Activity, Size Order Activity, Greater Than/Less Than Chart, Counting Activity
Class Data Pages for all math activities, all literacy activities, Gross Motor, Fine Motor,
 Personal Information, Social Skills, Stages of Writing, Body Parts, 
Data Assessment Binder Cover Pages
Divider Pages
Portfolio Cover Pages
Individual Data Sheets
Mini Progress Reports to send home throughout the year
Stages of Development and Teaching Tips
   If there is something not included in this pack that is needed, I will be happy to make it for you.

You can find it HERE and if you click on the picture below.
Right now it's half price, so check it out!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)

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