Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter, a Freebie and 5 for Friday!

Here's my latest Five for Friday offerd by Doodle Bugs Teaching.
To help prepare my sweeties going to kindergarten in the fall, I am slowly introducing illustration/writing into the curriculum.  This week we discussed having an opinion by taste testing marshmallow Peeps.
 With my population of students, it can be tricky to get them to try new things.  I was pleasantly surprised at how willing they were to taste the Peeps.
 They then formed an opinion on whether they like it or not.  For my morning ones I had them glue on the strip that matched their opinion.
We tallied up our votes.  Most of them liked Peeps.
For my afternoon class of older pre-k's, I had them try to write their opinion statement.  I also had them try to sequence the taste testing activity into a 'first, then, last' book.  I have all levels.  Some were able to draw and write some letters/words, while others mainly drew the pictures.  I was proud of how hard they worked.
If you are interested in having your own copy of the Peeps activities click HERE or on the picture above.
Another activity we did this week involved having to really focus on our listening skills.
We filled eggs with items that made different sounds.  There were two eggs that made the same noise.
We took turns picking one egg and then shaking the rest until we found the one that matched the sound.
They were so in to it and asked to keep playing.  We then divided the class up into equal groups and had them fill eggs with matching items of the other group.  Everyone came back to the circle and we took turns shaking our eggs.  One group then got up while the other stayed seated.  The group that got up then had to find the person that had an egg that made the same sound.  They LOVED it and I feel like it really helped them with auditory discrimination skills!
This next activity combined working on fine motor skills, as well as sequencing the letters in our names.
 First, we glued eggs that spelled our names on construction paper.
 Then, we glued a strip of green paper at the bottom.
Last, we snipped the green paper to make it look like the eggs were hiding in the grass.  My little ones always love activities that include their names.  They also love scissors, so this was a big hit!
We made bunny bags to use during our egg hunt.
Each little one got to choose the pattern to go inside the ears.  I had picked up different kinds of scrapbook paper for that part.  They then added eyes, node, and whiskers.
I saw the original idea somewhere on Pinterest.
 They were pretty easy to put together, which is always a bonus!  
I think they are pretty darn adorable.
Finally, the day of our egg hunt arrived!  
Everyone had to find an egg of a particular color then wait for the next color to be named.
This allowed me to make sure everyone got the same number of eggs.
They did a great job of listening and waiting until it was time to find the next color egg.
We went inside, opened our eggs, and discovered what kind of loot was inside.  :)
Our week was busy, but fun!
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Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend.  :)


  1. You just keep impressing me! I love that the kids had to find eggs of a certain color! So smart! The bags are adorable. I loved everything about this post! Such great teaching. You definitely know what you're doing!

  2. I am loving all of these Easter activities, especially those adorable bunny bags and the name activity! I am definitely going to pin this so I can borrow a few of your ideas for next year!