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Pizza, Pizza! Pizza Theme Activities!

There are so many fun activities that can be incorporated into a pizza theme.  These two pizza packs are perfect for teaching little ones math and literacy skills.  Let's take a look at the first pack.
There are 144 pages in this pack.  Mama Mia, Pizzeria Pizza Pack is full of tons of learning fun that is perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, preschool, TK, and SPED resources. Here is what's included:

Vocabulary Words: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart. Display in a pocket chart.
Read and Write the Room Activities: Four different sheets to choose from allows for different levels of learners.
Pizza Chef Alphabet and Letter Sound Cards: Both upper and lowercase cards are included, as well as letter sound cards. Print, laminate, and cut apart. Play a memory game, matching game or “Go Fish” type of game with the cards.
Alphabet Pizzas: Offered in both color and black and white. Students mark off or bingo dot the letter named. May be used with alphabet cards, as well.
Mini Pizza Letter Sound Toppings: Mini pizzas from A to Z with four toppings that begin with that letter to match. Students add the correct toppings to the pizza with that letter sound. I purchased mini pizza boxes (3.5 inches) from ETSY to put my pizzas in, just for fun.
Rhyming Pizzas: Students find the pictures/words that rhyme with the middle pepperoni on the pizza. Differentiate this activity by limiting or expanding the number of rhyming pizzas per activity. Use as a small group, large group or center activity.
Rhyming Pizzas Student Sheet: Assess the level of mastery with this student page, use as extra practice work, or send as homework.
CVC Word Family Pizzas: Students match the pepperonis by word families. You can differentiate this activity by limiting or expanding the number of word family pizzas per activity.
Pizza CVC Word Family Pizzas Student Sheet: Assess the level of mastery with this student page, use as extra practice work, or send as homework.
Pizza Chef Number Cards From 0-30: Use in a variety of ways., such as number recognition, sequencing, find the missing number, and for one to one correspondence, for a few examples.
Individual Pizzas for Counting Activities: Students roll a die/dice or choose a number card and place that many toppings on their pizza.
Large Pizzas Counting Activities: Print as many pizzas as needed on cardstock, laminate, and cut out pizza. Use as a playdough mat or play a game where students roll a die/dice and place counters, such as pompoms, Unifix cubes, small
blocks, etc.
or use balls of playdough
{red for
pepperoni and brown for sausage, if desired} on circles. Use on a cookie sheet, pizza pan, or in a pizza box for added fun! Helps with 1:1 correspondence, adding two numbers together, taking turns, playing a game following rules, waiting for a turn and fine motor development!
Black and White Pizza Counting Mats: Several versions to choose from, depending on the level of your learners. Use bingo dot markers or have students color in the number. Blank pizzas are also available to encourage writing numbers up to 20.
Pizza Number Bonds: Use these pizzas to help teach number bonds. Students determine the missing number and place the correct pepperoni on the pizza. Number bonds teach part/part/whole, or composing and decomposing numbers. The number bonds include the numbers from 2 to 10.
Mama, Mia, Pizzeria Number Bonds Student Sheet: Use for practice or reinforcement of the skill of adding two numbers together to get the larger number in a number bond format.
Pizza Fractions: Introduce little learner to the fractions half, thirds, quarters, and whole. Lots of different pizza pieces to use hands on and word problems that can be read to your learners while they problem solve.
Pepperoni Pizza Shapes: Students sort pepperoni toppings by shape on the correct pizzas. Shapes included are circle, square, triangle, oval, rhombus, octagon, pentagon, and trapezoid.
Toppings Trace: Students trace the shape toppings on the pizza. Shapes included are rectangle, square, circle, and triangle.
Pizza Shapes By the Slice. Students can color or cut and match shapes, read shape words and cut and match shapes, or draw shapes. Lots of options to help differentiate for the needs of your learners.
Pizza Color Matching Activity: Students match pizzas by color. To add more of a challenge, use the color sight words in black font. Print on cardstock, laminate and cut apart.
Make a Color Pizza: Patterns to make a pizza of all on color. Helps young learners focus on one color at a time.
Larger Pizza Color Cards: Play a face up matching game (for younger students) or turn face down and play a memory game. Students take turns turning over two cards. If the colors match, the student keeps the cards.
Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart cards.
Pizza Colors Student Sheet: Two versions are available, depending on the level of your learner.
Three and Four Step Pizza Making Sequencing Sheets: There are three sheets to choose from to allow for differentiation of your learners. Cut apart pictures and glue in order to make a pizza.
My Shape Pizza Instructions, Recording Sheet and Chef Craftivity to Display the Recording Sheet.
Chef Hat: Cut and attach to a sentence strip to make chef hats for your
little pizza makers!

Use these pizza activities as arrival/table time activities, center activities, small group instruction, stations, and during circle/learning times. These activities are designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

My next pack is to be used with the book "Pete's a Pizza" by William Steig.
Pete's a Pizza by William Steig is such a fun book about a boy getting turned into a pizza by his dad and one of my student favorite read alouds. Please note the book will need to be purchased separately.
This book is perfect to use during a pizza theme or to help teach retelling skills with hands on fun!
Pete’s a Pizza Retelling Pack Activities
Vocabulary Cards: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart words or leave as a poster. Preview vocabulary from the story prior to reading and/or review vocabulary after reading the story. 
Story Retelling Cards: Print, laminate, and cut out. Give students a picture to hold during the story. When that student’s part is read he/she will hold up the picture. Print off two copies and play a memory or matching type game. Also can be used with the cut and paste retelling activity to help little ones identify the picture needed. 
Yes/No Questions: Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart cards. Use the question cards like flash cards to work on answering Yes/No questions, form complete sentences, and to check understanding of the story. Students can 
verbally answer the questions or mark the ‘thumbs up’ for yes or the ‘thumbs down’ for no with a dry erase marker. 
Story Sequencing Student Sheet: Cut and glue pictures in order of the story. Great for working on sequencing skills and retelling the story. 
Re-enact the Story with Props: Patterns, ideas, and directions to use props to retell the story. My students love this activity! They each get a turn to be made into a pizza!

Easy prep and easy to use! 

Both packs are half price through March 13th!  You can find them HERE and HERE!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day. :)

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