Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Easy Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Activities!

St. Patrick's Day is in two days and if you're looking for some easy prep, quick, and fun activities, look no further because I have you covered!
My little ones LOVE all the Old Lady books and this retelling pack is super fun while working on important retelling and sequencing skills.  Take a look at what's included:
Vocabulary Cards:  Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut apart words or leave as a poster.  Preview vocabulary from the story prior to reading and/or review vocabulary after reading 
the story.  Place in writing center, pocket chart, or back with magnetic tape and use on magnetic board/cookie sheet.  I have my students pick a card, write it down and draw a 
picture to illustrate the word.
Story retelling cards: Print, laminate, and cut out. Give students a picture to hold during the story. When that student’s part is read he/she will hold up the picture. I added extra pictures to accommodate more student participation.  Print off as many copies as needed.  Print off two copies and play a memory type game. Also can be used with the cut and paste retelling activity to help little ones identify the picture needed. 

Old Lady Puppet:  Pieces to use with a puppet. Use the old lady head and a paper bag or large Ziploc bag to make a puppet if you do not have one.
Individual Puppet Pieces: Students color (optional) and cut apart the puppet retelling pieces.  Staple or glue the old lady head to a small lunch bag or a Ziploc baggie.  Retell the story in the order the old lady swallowed the pieces. Students find and place those pieces in their bags. 
{I use individual small trays for students to keep their pieces together after cutting them out.  To make finding pieces easier, you may want to hold up your own pieces from the class puppet set.  Encourage students to retell the story at home!}
Story sequencing: Cut and glue picture in order of the things the old lady swallowed in the story. 
There Was an Old Lady Essential Questions: Students can circle or color the correct answer. 

There Was an Old Lady Emergent Reader:  A simpler version of the story to encourage retelling by young readers. 

I recently updated this pack with an individual take home puppet activity that sweet ones can share with their families.
You can use any or all of the pack for quick and easy St. Patricks Day fun!

Make everyday learning fun by adding a St. Patrick's Day theme to concepts. Colors, shapes, counting/math, and alphabet/letter recognition/letter sounds are made fun!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Theme Early Learning Pack; What’s Included:
  • Coin Color Sort: Sort the coins by color under the color word. Perfect to use on a cookie sheet with magnetic tape or as a file folder game for small groups or individual work. Use with a pocket chart or on a large magnetic whiteboard for large groups.
  • Leprechaun Colors: Run two copies and play memory or use as a color match activity. Run several copies or run the black and white version on colored cardstock or construction paper and use to practice sorting and patterning.
  • Lucky Leprechaun Color Page: Color the Leprechaun by color word.
  • Over the Rainbow Shape Match: Match the coin shapes by the coin shaped belt buckle on the Leprechaun. Perfect to make into a file folder game or use on a cookie sheet with magnetic tape.
  • Pot of Gold Shapes: Place matching coins by shape into the pot. A black and white version is also included to save on ink.
  • Gumball Machine/Gumball Counting Activity: Place green and/or white gumballs in numbered gumball machines with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.
  • Paddy’s Patterns: Run gumballs on different colors of construction paper or cardstock. Practice making patterns with your little learners. Have them color gumball patterns by your directions {You decide which patterns to use AB. AAB, ABB, ABC, etc.}
  • Rainbow Candy Math: Sort rainbow candy {Skittles} by color and then graph the results. Students record the color with the most, least, and total number of candies. Ink saving versions are also included.
  • Rainbow Upper and Lowercase Letter Match: Students match upper case to lowercase letter. Perfect for cookie sheet learning or make into a file folder game. Also can be used on a large magnetic board.
  • Lucky Letter Pots and Solid Gold Sounds: Match the gold coins with letter sound pictures to the pots that have letters of the alphabet on them.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!  
Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)

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