Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tech Center Blog Hop

I am participating in Pre-K Partner's Learning Center Blog Hop Series.  This post highlights technology in the early childhood classroom.
I do not have student computers in my classroom.  However, I am lucky enough to have several i-Pads for use with my students, as well as as an interactive team board. My team board is a bit too high for my students, so I use step stools when needed. My students don't mind one little bit.  They are focused and engaged with any and all team board activities. 
My i-Pads are stored and charged in this cart.
I usually include i-Pads in my station rotations.
Headphones are available, which is especially nice if we are doing others activities in the classroom.
I have to admit, I sometimes struggle with not wanting to use a lot of technology in the classroom.  I feel most of my little ones are already overloaded with too much of it already.  Between, smart phones, i-Pads, video games, and computer games, most of my students have had access to technology since birth.  However, I remind myself that these little learners are growing up in a digital age that is growing and changing rapidly.  
Teacher guides and classes to stay current with technology are what I have found most helpful, especially since I did not grow up in a digital era.  I feel it's important to stay up to date so I can offer my students the most up to date technology.  
I feel the most important role of the EC teacher is to research and find the most appropriate apps that will optimize opportunities for young children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, language development.

If you have a suggestion for any apps to use in the pre-school classroom, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. I teach ECSE and my students love the Preschool Prep apps for letters, numbers, colors and shapes. You can even use it for assessment since it gives you the score at the end. The apps are named "Meet the (whatever skill set you are working on, so letters, numbers, colors, shapes...".
    I totally agree with you on everything you said about technology and littles. It's sort of a blessing and a curse at the same. I truly believe that the use of all of this technology- especially screen-based tech- has changed the way these little brains are developing and growing, and more and more research is pointing to the same conclusion.
    Thanks for all that you share with us fellow teachers! :)