Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall Fun!

I am showcasing the last couple of weeks of fun we have had in our classroom!  
Let's start with the most recent.
We made the cutest turkeys this week!  Lots of fine motor work went into these babies.  First, we sprayed large coffee filters with brown tinted water to make the body.  
Next, we colored a small coffee filter with a brown washable marker and then dropped water through pipettes to spread the marker.  
For the feathers, little ones were given 3" strips of construction paper strips and then they rounded the corners.  This was a bit tricky for some of them, but it's a great way to teach using a helper hand and turning the paper instead of the hand.
Love how these turned out!
Speaking of LOVE, check out Max from "Where the Wild Things Are"!  If you already purchased my "Wild Things" pack, be sure to check back for a an updated version!  I will be adding the patterns to these soon!
We also read "Owl Babies" and made this super sweet craft.
Here are some of my sweet babies working on pre-k skills, such as recognizing letters of the alphabet, counting, and coloring the room activities. 
 Be sure to check back on SUNDAY for an exciting announcement!
Be sure to check out Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday to see what else is being showcased this week!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Your wild things and turkeys are adorable. The activities in your classroom look like so much fun.

    The Very Busy Kindergarten