Sunday, April 24, 2016

Five for ????

What the what?  It's Sunday and I'm just now getting to my Five for Friday.  Where does the time go?  Anyway, we had so much fun with our bug unit this week.  I can't wait to showcase it for you.
After reading 'In the Tall, Tall, Grass' by Denise Fleming, we sequenced the bugs/animals in the story on a green sentence strip….
 and then we snipped the top of the strip to make in look like grass….
and voila, headbands!
Are they not the cutest little learners, ever?!?!

We used this little guy to help us label the parts of an ant.
They learned lots of new vocabulary, like thorax and abdomen!
 We 'caught' some bugs, looked at them under a 'magnifying glass', and then put them in the correct jar, according to shape.  This was a great way to review shapes and add in a few new ones, like crescent and pentagon.
For a review of our letters and letter sounds, we used fly swatters to help identify them.
For a fun little brain break movement activity, we drew a bug action card and then acted it out.
As you can see by these faces, they had SO much fun!
We also made dragonflies by cutting wax paper wings and then gluing them on a strip of paper along with circles and ovals.  
We then cut the paper to make antenna.  Pretty cute, if you ask me.
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