Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fantastic Frog Fun!

As you can tell by the title of this post, we began a frog unit of study this week and it has been fun filled!  In fact, we didn't get all our activities completed, so check back next week for round two!

This little art project kinda came all together by accident…
 Paper plates were painted green and once they were dry, the littles cut a triangle shape out.
Pipettes were used to drop liquid paint on a coffee filter for the flower.
One little one wanted to paint another plate blue to represent the water.  He definitely is an outside the box thinker, as you will see later in this post.
My sister turned me on to a really cool art website, even for preschool age learners.  {Art for Kids Hub}  There I found a directed drawing for a frog.  They were so engaged and were really proud of their frogs!  We used Cray pas crayons to color them in and then cut around the frogs.
Remember the outside the box thinker?  Well, he also wanted to draw eggs, a tadpole and froglet to add to his frog and lily pad.  I am constantly amazed by this little one's love for learning!  He is a sponge and then takes it a step beyond.  LOVE :)
We also had so much fun with frogs on the light table and in the sensory table.
I added clear water beads, foam lily pads, plastic flies and frogs.
It's their favorite place to go these days.

Our math learning activities this week included:
 counting frogs on lily pads, deciding which one had more,
 and then using an alligator mouth symbol to show greater than/ less than.  They really are nailing this concept.
I also have a set of plastic logs and frogs that my sweeties used to count and make patterns.
 I always love it when my little ones do these amazing learning activities during free choice time.
We reviewed shapes by cutting and gluing frogs above lily pads of the same shapes.
Our language activities this week included first using lily pads, frogs and flies to practice position words.
Then the little learners glued a fog on each page of this interactive emergent reader.
We have been really working on many phonemic awareness activities, including rhyming words.
 Here, little ones put a frog on a log that had the matching rhyming picture.
 We also reviewed beginning letter sounds by playing a memory game where the learners turned over cards to match letters on frogs to beginning sounds on lily pads.
If you are interested, you can check out my newest learning pack on frogs HERE.  
If you've already purchased this pack, please re-download!  I've added some additional pages.  :)
 Something we did this week not related to frogs, but just as fun is our play group.  Play group is a weekly favorite!  Here we blew small feathers to each other and caught them with paper plates.
 You can tell by the look on their faces how much fun that had doing this!
We also 'face painted' {pretend} on each other.  These groups help bond us and make us feel safe and like a school family.  

Spring break was last week and I took a trip to Austin, Texas.  Talk about a FUN place!  We did so many amazing things.

One place we stumbled onto was Voodoo Doughnut…...
Seriously, these things should be illegal!

Well, that was my week in recap.  I hope yours was great, too.  Link up with Five for Friday at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)

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  1. I am looking forward to having our Pond week next month with lots of frog activities. If we are lucky, we will have tadpoles as well since our backyard above ground pool always ends up with some tree frog tadpoles in the leftover spring rain that gathers in it before we drain it to keep the mosquitoes from breeding and to get it ready for summer filling.

    Your blowing feathers game looks like great fun. I will try to remember that one for our Bird week coming up soon.