Friday, January 29, 2016

Penguins, 100 Day, Bucket Filler & More!

 It's time to highlight my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Five for Friday.
After reading these books, we went through real life scenarios and decided if the actions of others were bucket filling or bucket dipping.  Then, we sorted pictures of bucket fillers and bucket dippers on our magnetic whiteboard.
Each little learner pulled a picture from a bucket.  We discussed what was happening and then they chose where it belonged on the board.
 To help reinforce the concept, an emergent reader was colored, read aloud all together, and then taken home to read with moms and dads.
Our own buckets were hung up in the classroom.
To fill the buckets, I hot glued pompoms to popsicle sticks.
When someone is a bucket filler, it's easy to add a 'warm fuzzy' to their bucket.  Everyone is very excited to fill up others' buckets.  One of our classroom jobs is 'kindness reporter'.  That person is on the lookout for bucket fillers.  They take their job very seriously!
You can find these activities in my Bucket Filler Pack on TPT HERE or click on the picture below.
We also made these cutie patootie art projects in which everyone drew a picture of something they could do to be a bucket filler.
I love how it really has everyone thinking about all the nice things that can be done for others.  I definitely have seen an increased awareness of compassion and empathy for others!
This week we celebrated our 100th day of school.  Wow!  This year seems to have flown by….
Here's a peek at some of our activities.
 Everyone made a crown by putting 100 smiley face stickers on it, cutting it out, and stapling it to a sentence strip.
Lots of sweeties wore special shirts decorated with 100 items.
{So stinkin' cute!}
We also moved and grooved to a 100 day playlist on YouTube.
We stacked up 100 items in 10 groups of 10.
Other activities {not pictured} included making a necklace by stringing 100 fruit loops and making a 100 day snack by sorting lots of yummy snacks into 10 groups of 10.
This week, we also learned about penguins.  One favorite fiction book is 'Tacky'.  We worked on finding the missing number in a sequence with the help of 'Tacky' and his friends.  {Quick link to Tacky activities}
Our art project consisted of making these sweet penguins.
As a parent, I always loved any project that consisted of handprints.  I am hoping these are a hit at home!
It was career awareness week at school this week.
Looks like our future is bright!
 Our kindergarteners are learning about things in the sky this week.  They made these projects.  I wanted to share because they are super cute!
How was your week?  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to let us know!

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