Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year, 2 New Packs & a Sale!

Winter break is coming to an end.  Of course, it flew by {don't breaks always do that}.  At least I was able to finish up a couple packs that I have been working on.  I'm super excited about both of them and wanted to share them with you.
Here's a look at what's included:
 Winter Wonderland Math and Literacy Pack: What’s Included
Vocabulary Words with coordinating pages to allow students to spell words with magnetic letters or write with a dry erase marker.
Rhyming Activity:  Students choose items that rhyme with pictures.  A student recording sheet is included.
Snowball Uppercase and Lowercase ABC’s.  Use to sort, spell words, and make word families.
Snowball Numbers to 20.  Small enough to fit into a muffin tin pan where students can add pompoms or small counters to work on one to one correspondence.  Also can be use to count and order numbers to 20.
Snowman Letter/Letter Sounds:  Each letter has four snowballs, one with the uppercase/lowercase letter and three with pictures for the letter sounds that can be stacked up to make a snowman.  Snowman heads are also included to add to the top.  Use with magnetic whiteboards or cookie sheets by placing some magnetic tape on the back, if desired
Uppercase stocking caps to match with lowercase mittens.
Stocking caps with numbers to 20 to be paired up with mittens that have tally marks and mittens that have ten frames to 20.
Hot Chocolate Mugs with Marshmallow Shapes.  Students match shaped marshmallows to the correct mug.  Make into a file folder game or back with magnetic tape to use with a cookie sheet or magnetic whiteboard.
Four student recording sheets that students can bingo dot or cut and glue the correct marshmallow on the mug by the clue given.
Snowman Carrot Shaped Noses Matching Game.  Play like memory, make into a file folder game, or use on a magnetic whiteboard or cookie sheet.
Snowman Shapes Emergent Reader:  Pages are not numbered so you may include only the shapes you choose.  Available shapes are circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus/diamond, octagon, pentagon, star, and heart.  Simple repetitive lines will make it easy for your learners to read independently.
Mitten Colors Emergent Reader:  Pages are not numbered so you may include only the colors you choose.  Color words are underlined to make them easy to identify.  Also included is a template page where students can write their color words, if they are at that level.  For your learners who still have difficulty with colors, simply underline or highlight the color word with the correct color to make it a matching activity.  Available colors are red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange, brown, black, pink, gray, and white.  Simple repetitive lines will make it easy for your learners to read independently.
Winter Clothes Color Sort:  Sort mittens, hats, jackets, and sweaters by color.  Hang the articles of clothing on the clothesline to dry!  Make into a file folder game or use on a magnetic whiteboard or cookie sheet with magnetic tape.  Color words are available in both black and white or in color.
Mitten and Hat Number Line Counting:  Number lines to 10 in various addition equations, plus blank number lines to use as you wish.  Mitten and hat counters are included.  Give each student two equal sets of items to use on their own number line.  Larger patterns of counters are also included to use as a whole class activity.  All you will need to do is draw your own larger number line.
Snowball Measuring:  Use the snowball ruler provided or other forms of non-standard measuring items, such as Unifix cubes, links, snap blocks, or paperclips.  A recording sheet is provided.
There are 122 total pages and it's 20% through Sunday.  You can grab this for only $3.60!

I made my second pack to help my little learners who are still struggling with identifying letters of the alphabet.  Here's what my 'Help Me Learn My ABC's Letter Recognition and Identification Activities' pack is all about….
Letter Identification & Recognition Activities
Alphabet Mats from A-Z:  These can be used in small group, for individual practice, and large group activities.  Use play-doh, wikki stiks, dry erase makers and transparent colored chips to make this a sensory learning activity.  Mats can also be displayed as ABC posters in the room.  Laminate or place in plastic page protectors.
Say It, Find It, Trace It, and Write it Mats:  These mats focus on letter sounds, identifying the letter in both upper and lowercase formats, as well as tracing and writing uppercase and lowercase letters.
Laminate and reuse with dry erase markers or slip it in a plastic page protector.  These same pages are offered in a black and white version for students to take home.
Find the Letter Mats:  Students can bingo dot, color in, or highlight the letters.  You may also choose to laminate or place in page protectors to reuse.  Use chips or a dry erase marker to mark the letters found.
Cut and Glue Letter Pages:  Students cut apart letters then decide if they are the letters needed.  They then glue on the page in the appropriate spot.  Every letter is glued, so no need to worry about what to do with the unused letters. {If your students are like mine, they can’t stand to not have a spot for everything!}
Find the Letter Strips:  Cut apart the strips and give students a hole punch or highlighter to mark out the letters needed.
Fluency Strips:  Print off and cut apart strips of random strings of letters to check fluency.
I Have Who Has Alphabet Game:  Play as a group.  The first card that starts will be the ending card.
Alphabet Chart:  In the format taught by Pathways, sung to the tune of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’.  Helps students point to each letter as it is sung.  
Uppercase/Lowercase and Letter Sounds Recording Sheets and Fluency Charts:  Keep data and track the progress made by your little learners. 
There are 188 pages in all!  Right now it's priced at super low at $2.50 through Sunday.  

Be sure to grab these two bargains!  It's my way of saying 'Thank you for supporting me through the past years and a way to get your 2016 off to a great start!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)

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