Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday Sale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  You may have heard about Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale, so if you're not all shopped out…...
Everything in my store is 20% off, plus add the code SMILE at checkout to receive a total of 28% off all my products!
Just in time for Christmas, I created this pack
Here's what's included:
Colors of Christmas:  Match Santa colors to ornament color words or 
play a matching colors game.
Rudolph’s Nose:  Students use tongs to pick up and match pompom 
to Rudolph’s nose by color.  Three versions to choose from allows for differentiation.
Christmas Tree Colors and Counting:  Students can use pompoms, jewels, beads, etc. to decorate Christmas trees while practicing one to one correspondence.
Gingerbread Cookie Colors:  Students match colors of cookies to cookie sheets with color words.  Two versions offered, depending on the level of your learner.  Can be used with cookie sheets or made into a file folder game.
Gingerbread Cookie Counting:  Students count out cookies on plates.
Gingerbread Shape Cookies:  Students match cookies by shapes of
 buttons on the gingerbread cookies.   Can be used with cookie sheets or made into a file folder game.
Colorful Christmas Tree Measuring Activity:  Use Unifix cubes, paperclips, links, blocks, or a ruler to measure and record the length of trees.
Holiday Lighting Math:  Students read the string of numbers to figure
 out the missing number.  A student-recording sheet is also included.
Peppermint Patterning:  Patterning cards, individual cards to make and show patterns, and student pages to color patterns are included.
Gingerbread Ten Frame Cookie Counting:  Make ten frames with the help
 of cookie sheets and cookies.
Gingerbread ABC Cookies:  Upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet 
on gingerbread cookies, along with plates to sort letters and letter 
sounds.  Also includes gingerbread cookies with pictures of letter sounds.  Black and white versions of alphabet cookies are included to save on ink.  Use a spatula to pick up cookies!
Holiday Lighting ABCs:  Both upper and lowercase Christmas light strings are included.  Students read the sequence of letters and find the missing bulb.  Student recording sheets are also included.
Santa Sight Words:  Use magnetic letters, letter tiles to build words, or write preprimer sight words with a dry erase marker
Inside My Stocking:  Students sort items by things that could fit inside a stocking and things that would not fit.  A student sheet is also included.
Christmas Categories:  Sort presents by toys, clothes, and goodies 
to eat. A student recording sheet is also included.
There are 141 pages in all!
This is just a peek of what's inside.  Right now I have it priced at $3.00, and then you get 28% off that. After the sale, the price will go up.
I plan on using these activities the whole month of December, so check back to see this pack in action.

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