Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Visuals for Classroom Routines!

The beginning of the year is such n important time.  It's imperative that rules and routines are taught and practiced.  This will help your year go more smoothly.  I began using visuals with my special needs students.  I originally made the classroom routine visuals to go with IEP goals, but quickly realized that all my little ones benefitted from them.  They help know what step comes next when completing a task.  It’s like step-by-step directions in pictures.  Using visuals helps students become independent, much more quickly.
I just finished my latest product and posted it on TPT.
This packet contains step-by-step instructions for the following routines:  arrival time {unpacking backpack} using the restroom, hand washing, face cleaning, and departure time {packing up to go home}.  You may choose to use all the pictures or just some of them.  More independent students usually require less prompts.  To make, simply print off the picture icons on cardstock (for durability), laminate, and cut apart.  Decide which pictures you want to use and put them in order.  You can either glue them on a sentence strip, bulletin board border, or a strip of construction paper in the sequence of the task.  You may choose to use Velcro instead to attach the pictures.  As the step is completed, the student removes the icon.  This is usually good for children who have difficulty following a sequence of events by breaking it down.  The ‘using the restroom’ routine has several pictures to choose from.  You can make it as simple as “pull pants down, sit on the toilet, pull pants up, and wash hands” or more complex with explicit instructions.  Tailor it to the needs of your little ones.  The ‘Clean Your Face” can be kept whole and displayed close to a mirror.  After snack and/or lunchtime, I usually tell my students to go check their face {especially if it’s dirty and/or I have an IEP goal for adaptive behavior} The ‘Wash Your Hands” routine can also be kept whole or cut down the steps to make it simpler.  For the “Arrival and Departure” routines, depending on the needs/level of your learner, either display it whole as a class visual near cubbies, hooks, or lockers or individualize by putting a strip on a student’s cubby, locker, etc.  If you like these and find visuals helpful, check my store soon.  I will be posting visuals for cleaning up after snack/lunch, cleaning up after centers, how to look at books, how to walk down the hall and more!  If there is an icon not in this pack, I will be more than happy to make it for you.  You can find this product in my store by clicking HERE or on the pictures above.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)

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