Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TPT Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream!

Yay!  I'm finally catching up with the weekly TPT Challenge offered by Sparkling in Second, Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista.
This week's challenge is 'Dare to Dream'. 
First, let me say I'm the kind of person who has aspirations and goals; however, I'm also a realist.  It's a bit hard for me to think my little 'ole TPT store will ever become huge…..to the point where it could be a large portion or sole source of my income.  But, then again, the point of this challenge is to dream big, so here it goes!
These goals are in no particular order, but are definitely things I have dreams about.  
  • I would LOVE to go back to school.  My ultimate goal would to get my PhD.  My dad is a big inspiration for me in regards to that dream.  But, in the meantime, I would choose to get another degree in social work and then become certified as a play therapist.  The only thing stopping me from that are the dreaded student loans that have become acquired, not just my own but my children as well.  If money were no object, I would enroll tomorrow!
  • Volunteer is another dream and my dad again is another reason for this dream.  After he retired,{he had his doctorate in English, taught at a private college, and was a wonderful writer} he volunteered at an inner city high school, helping in their English department.  He also worked at homeless shelters and soup kitchens.  He is my role model.  If time, money and work were no object, I would love to spend more time helping others, just like he did.
  • My own children are young adults just starting their lives after college.  I wish I could help them get their feet on the ground financially.  I also dream of being a grandma someday and having the flexibility with work and finances to babysit and spoil my grandkids rotten.  :)
  • Mentoring other teachers, whether it as a presenter at workshops or teaching education courses, is another big dream of mine.  If my TPT business took off, I would love to participate in all the conferences like 'I Teach K' and other professional development offerings.
So, there you have it….nothing particularly fancy, but definitely something worth dreaming about!
What are your dreams?  Hope over to link them up for the TPT Challenge:  Dare to Dream!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)


  1. Isn't paying for school the worst? I wish all people who genuinely wanted/loved learning could go for free! I also love the idea for volunteering-- I've always had this desire to volunteer overseas. But it gets complicated with life and jobs and such. Thanks for sharing your dreams!

  2. I love the fact that you want to volunteer and how much you look up to your father and his volunteering!!

  3. I am excited to connect with so many great teachers with the #tptsellerschallenge. It has brought so much inspiration and support. I enjoyed reading about your dreams. I love volunteering and use my weekends to give back.
    Engage and Play in PreK