Thursday, November 27, 2014

Special Education Bloggers Blog Hop!

Christine Reeves organized this wonderful blog hop to offer tips and tricks for teachers and special education students.  My tip deals with helping students regulate the needs of their bodies {especially useful for sweet ones who have some sensory processing difficulties}.  I don't use this with all my students, just a select few who could benefit from a sensory diet.
The way I use this in my class is on the outside of a file folder I cut and glue the icon 'I need a break'.  on the inside, on one half, I cut and glue the icon 'I need' with up to three empty squares {or just glue the page provided in the freebie}.  I then laminate the file folder as well as the pictures of the activities to choose from.  Cut apart the pictures of the activities and velcro on the other half of the file folder.  Your little sweeties can choose up to three activities needed to help regulate their bodies.
Click HERE for your freebie.
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  1. Thanks for the freebie and for using my Black Friday button! :)

    The Bender Bunch

  2. I love your freebie! So useful for so many kids :)
    Mindful Rambles

  3. Great topic! Self Regulation is key, especially for our little preschoolers. The sooner we teach it the better�� From one preschool teacher to another!
    Lindy McDaniel
    Considerate Classroom

  4. Great tip, and I love, love, love your freebie, especially the graphics! Where did you get them from? Almost all the activites on there are ones that we use in my room, and I appreciate that they are not stick figures or babyish as I teach middle school.

  5. I am really impressed with the tips and tricks for the teacher and students both. It creates very playfull atmosphere for the children in the play school.
    Preschool Education

    Preschool in India