Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wheels on the Bus!

My friend and fellow teacher made this Prezi to go with "The Wheels on the Bus". 
We are going to use it one day this week after we read the story.  You can check out her blog HERE
We will also make a class book using Deanna Jump's template.  She has it available for free on her blog. Click on the picture for your own copy.
I plan on taking pictures of my sweeties and gluing them so it appears they are looking out the window.
Jack Hartmann has a fun version of 'Wheels on the Bus Rap' on his Rhyming to Read CD.  My little ones LOVE this version! 

I made these bus charts to help me get my sweeties on the right bus home.  The first few weeks can be rather hectic as we all learn bus numbers and the order the busses are parked.  If you would like a copy to use click HERE or on the picture.
I plan on posting pictures of our fun later this week, so be sure to check back!
Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)

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  1. You are so creative; I can't wait to see everything the kids do during the day at preschool! Thanks for taking such good care of our babies!

  2. Thank you for the compliment AND your support! :)

  3. That's super cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!