Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Dinosaur Freebie!

This emergent reader is a little more advanced than the first one posted. Little ones will have to count the number of dinosaurs and write the number PLUS read the color word! For my students not quite ready to do both, I will underline the color word with the correct color marker and/or write in the number with a yellow marker for them to trace. This allows me to use the same booklet with all my wonders by differentiating according to skill level. :)

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  1. Hello! I came across your blog while researching for inspiration for my Transitional Kindergarten class. Thank you for so many wonderful ideas! It is obvious that you love what you do! :) While trying to download the free (edited) I See Dinosaurs emergent reader, the site that I was directed to required that I pay a fee to join in order to download the book. Any ideas? Thank you so much! -Sherri Ernst