Saturday, April 15, 2017

Springtime and Birds! Plus a freebie!

We have been super busy learning all about spring.  One part of our studies was to learn about the habits of birds in the spring.  We learned birds build nests, lay eggs, and take care of their babies until they are old enough to leave the nest.  To give this a "wings on" feel, we made a set of wings to wear.
I cut wing shapes from butcher paper (large sheets of construction paper would have also worked).  Then students had to snip the edges so they resembled feathers.  This was a great fine motor workout with scissors for the little learners.  Small strips of sentence strips were then stapled on each feather so the loves could slip them on their arms.
They were in heaven, having so much fun!  We then "took flight" outside to gather materials needed to make our own nests.
For a brief moment, we experienced the wonder and freedom of birds are we "soared" through the sky!
While we we flying around outside, each little one had a bag to collect everything they would need to build their own nests.  I grouped them by table and turned it into a cooperative learning experience.
To help them understand what type of things to look for and how to go about the process of building a nest, we watched the following video.
They were so interested, amazed, enthralled, and QUIET while viewing the clip!
Of course, you can't learn about nests without making a special birds nest treat!  This nest had more chocolate eggs originally but by the time I got around to snap a pic only one was left. ;)  This was made with Chinese noodles, chocolate chips, and robin egg candies.
Now, for your freebie!  It can be used as Easter, chicks, birds, spring, and a five senses activity!
Click on the picture to download.
Next up, PLANTS!
Be sure to check back!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day :)


  1. We studied things that hatch from eggs before Easter break. I like your idea for wings. Thanks for the freebie. Will have to put that one away to use next year.

  2. Love your ideas. I teach kindergarten and with the "young" group that I have, I will use the video and your five senses freebie. Thank you!