Sunday, February 28, 2016

Join Me for a Happy Leap Day Sale!

Happy Leap Day!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, everything in my TPT store will be discounted 20% off the normal price.  PLUS, I'm getting together with my SPED buddies to offer two products at an additional 29% off!  The products I chose are both spring related.  The first one is geared towards St. Patrick's Day.  Take a look at what's in this pack.
Here is a sampling of the activities...
Color matching, sorting and reading color words activities,
Lucky Leprechaun Shapes,

Green Gumball Counting,

Upper/lowercase Rainbow Matching,

Solid Gold Sounds with….

Lucky Letters, and much more!!!
I am also offering my Spring Themed Learning Pack at an additional 29% off the sale price.
Here is a sampling of the activities in this pack.
Vocabulary Words,
Rhyming Activities,

Color Words Emergent Reader,

Mama and Baby Bird Shape Match,

Counting Bears,

and Flower Power.  Plus, many more activities.

It's 155 pages long and on sale!  Be sure to check it out!

Use this code #SpedLeapDayDeals and find lots more great products offered by some of your favorite sellers for 29% off….just because it's Leap Year!

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