Sunday, February 1, 2015

Penguin Play!

This week we learned about penguins.  Here's a look at some of our fun.
We worked on this penguin art project over several days.
First, the little ones painted black circles :) on large construction paper….
The next day the sweeties added eyes, beak, feet, belly, and a scarf.  On the scarf little ones chose a pattern to add with tissue paper.
The third day they measured with Unifix cubes…..
 then counted how many cubes tall their penguins were.
 It was a great way to compare sizes and talk about taller/shorter…
Plus, I love how they turned out.  :)
Another fun counting activity included placing penguins on ice.
 Two little learners at a time rolled a die and added that many penguins on their ice bergs.
They then had to figure out who had greater and less than.
We used magnifying glasses to find and identify shapes on penguin bellies
 Then, we matched the smaller shapes to larger shapes.
 They LOVED this fun learning!
The learners also worked on learning the letters in our names and putting those letters in order to spell their names with a penguin twist...
They wrote one letter per penguin belly….
then, they cut apart the penguins…
last, they glued the letters in order on an iceberg to spell their names.  They were very proud!
Of course, what better way to play with penguins than in a tub of water beads?!?!
 We also worked on positional words by putting the penguins on, under, between, in front of, behind, next to ice bergs!
They had so much fun!

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