Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fire! Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  This week we learned about fire safety.
Our local fire department came to our school.  The firefighters showed us how they get ready for a fire. They put on all their gear, including masks and oxygen tanks so little ones wouldn't be scared and hide if there was ever a fire in their own homes.  We even practiced calling out so they could hear us.  
They showed us their truck with all the equipment on board.
We even got to sit in the cab and look at everything close up.  
 The morning sweeties.  :)
Our afternoon junior firefighters.  :)
We continued on with fire safety by learning to call 911.
Of course I had to put a disclaimer in my newsletter about paying attention to the phones at home because in the past I have had parents share with me that their little ones actually went home and called 911 for real.  :)  I guess their learning carried over to home and different phones!
We also practiced 'stop, drop, and roll'
 Each little learner had a 'flame' put on their clothes and had to show us what to do when their clothes caught fire.
They did great.  :)
{I apologize for the blurry pictures.  It's hard to capture little ones in motion!
To help us remember what to do at home we made these t-shirts by painting red and orange on a yellow piece of construction paper cut out into a t-shirt.  We then had to sequence the three step pictures and glue them on in order.  I found the stop, drop and roll pictures from Vanessa at Pre-K Pages.
To practice staying low in a fire, we colored 'smoke' on paper and cut out flames.  We then taped the flames on the paper, attached the paper to chairs and crawled under it.
 {I love how this sweet classmate is helping to encourage her friend to stay low and keep moving}
I found this great video to share with my little learners before we practice 'stop, drop, roll' and 'stay low and go'.
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Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Everything about this is precious! I love the stop, drop, roll with the fire on them! And their little hats. So cute!

    A firetruck came to my school this week, too. My kiddos loved getting to see the firemen in their gear. It looks like yours did, too! :)

    - Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

  2. Thanks for sharing all of that fun stuff, and for the video link! I LOVE your stop, drop, and roll shirts! What a great idea. I should really do that with my kinders. Our school didn't do too much for fire safety week, so I want to talk to my teaching partner about how we can make this into something bigger for next year!!

  3. Those kids look like they're having an absolute blast in those pictures! My youngest is going to be starting preschool pretty soon, and he seems super excited about it. I hope he can have as much fun learning and playing as these kids!
    Keara |