Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday!

This week our school held their annual 'Family Fun Night'.  It's pretty darn fun.  Families are treated to free pizza, popcorn, and ice cream, along with games, petting zoo, and a silent art auction.  Each class is responsible to come up with two art projects to be auctioned off.  The money goes to help needy families.  There's a lot of pressure because there are many amazing pieces.  This year my class did two Kandinsky type art pictures.
We started by painting white construction paper with liquid water color.
We then drew circles with black crayons.
Next, we cut out the circles.

 For the morning class we tore brown construction paper to make a tree, layered the circles, and modge podged them on a canvas painted yellow.
In the afternoon, we cut squares of painted paper and modge podged circles of different sizes on top.
Both classes were so proud of their artwork.  :)
Some of our other activities this week included fishing for numbers and matching them to the corresponding ten frame.
We also fished out letters of the alphabet.
We then bingo dotted the ones we 'caught' on a recording sheet.
We also measured and recorded ocean animals with Unifix cubes
They are getting so good at this activity!
Our theme for Family Fun Night was Luau.  Aren't these the cutest hula bears ever?  A teacher in my pod made these with her class.  I am totally stealing this the next time I do a beach theme!
And to end with…….you know it's been a good week when you get a diamond for a present.  :)  Love my kids and the presents they give me!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)


  1. The fishing game looks like fun and I love the idea of having the kids record the ten frame! Where did you get the star mats?
    Fun in ECSE

    1. I ordered them from Discount School Supply, but they were too big originally so I cut them in half with a paper cutter and now they are a perfect size!