Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears-5 for Friday

This week we started a fairy tale/fable unit.  Our main story was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  There are so many concepts that can be covered with this one little story!  We worked on sorting by size.

and we worked on the concept of opposites
We also made these adorable Baby Bears and Goldilocks.
It's not so easy listening and following directions when you're only 3, 4, or 5 years old!  I think they did an amazing job.  :)
We also dressed up and acted out the story.
 Is he not the cutest Goldilocks?!
They LOVED this!
We also got a little fine motor workout.
We strung bear beads.
We snipped the sides of construction paper to make trees in the forest.
We put Unifix cubes together to measure.
We also retold the story with a Duplo book and Duplo blocks.
We had to build stairs, chairs, bridges, and beds.
We also worked on kindergarten readiness skills, such as
 10 frame counting
and letter sounds.  Whew!  We packed in a lot of learning with just one story.  :)
If you're interested in any of these activities, be sure to check out my 'Goldilocks Learning Pack' on TpT and TN.

I also just posted my 'Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover' pack on TpT and TN just in time for St. Patrick's Day, which is one of my favorite holidays!

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Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)


  1. We are starting fairy tales next week too. I am so excited to see the activities you do. I love the bears and golidilocks crafts. Where did you get the bears to string?
    Fun in ECSE

  2. Kate: I ordered the bear beads online a couple of years ago. I don't remember where,but it was a website that sold beads……lots of pony beads. I bet you could find it by googling it. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  3. That little boy dressed as Goldilocks is just so dang cute : ) Looks like the kids had fun. I love reading what they are up to.