Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is hosting 'Currently', a monthly linky.  This is my Currently list.
LISTENING: We started off listening to the Rose Bowl, but now football has taken over!
LOVING: I so needed the time off for the holidays.  It gave me a chance to reenergize, rest up, and prepare for second semester.  I was TIRED!
THINKING: I have some ideas of what I want to do, but haven't really put anything down on paper.  I need to go through the stuff I already have and print off some new stuff.
WANTING: I had foot surgery right before Christmas.  It is healing, but by the end of the day it really hurts.  I am a little worried about going back to school next week since I won't be able to put it up.
NEEDING:  If I had one more week off I think my foot would be good to go.
MEMORY and/or TRADITION: Love Actually and Christmas Vacation are our go to Christmas movies we watch every year.  It's definitely a tradition!

Head over to Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to link up your 'Currently' list.

On another note, all my products at TpT and TN are 20% off until January 3rd!

Thanks for reading!  Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Hello, I am following your blog. I love all the wonderful ideas you have on here. I always watch the Rose Bowl Parade and then College Gameday got my attention this year. I hope your foot feels better soon.

    Jasmine H.
    The Journey of A Future Teacher

  2. I think we are all thinking about returning to school and all the work to be done! At least we have a few more days! Happy New Year!