Friday, October 11, 2013

Fire {5} for Friday!

It's Five for Friday time again!
Last Thursday was Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day at school.  To prepare, we made these cards to give to our visitor after we sang them a couple of our favorite songs.
To make, we tore up pieces of construction paper and glued onto a large heart cut-out.
We then added this to the back.
{Click HERE or the picture if you would like a copy}

We then did a craft together.
To make, we cut the middle out of a paper plate then glued on cut-out leaves.  {Real leaves would have been great to use, but unfortunately the leaves in our area haven't really started turning yet.}
We then painted the leaves with a glitter/karo syrup mixture to give them a dewy look.  Love them!
This week, we had a visit from our local fire department.
Everyone loved getting to climb through the cab of the fire truck!

Of course, we also learned all about fire safety this week.  To help us practice staying low and crawling on the ground to avoid smoke, we colored with white and gray crayons on this black paper.
We then added flames we cut out.
The paper was then taped to two cube chairs.
Our little ones then had to crawl under the smoke.  
We also practiced calling 911 with our Learning Resources phone.  
They took their job very seriously.
We also practiced "stop, drop, and roll".  To help us remember, we made these fire fighters with pictures of "stop, drop, and roll".

Whew! We learned a lot about fire safety this week.
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  1. I love the fall wreaths and how you practiced crawling out of a fire. I will have to try that with my little ones!
    Fun in ECSE