Friday, September 6, 2013

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my Five for Friday.
This week was FUN {with a capital F.U.N.}!  We read this book
And then, we did paint some more.......and more.........and more!  My sweeties loved that book, and of course the painting that followed.  We painted while swinging on our tummies!
We painted on easels outside.

We painted on tables covered with butcher paper.
We painted the sidewalk.
Heck, we even painted inside!  Each little one had a specific color to paint.  They had toothbrushes, legos, bristle blocks, scrapers, and brushes to add texture.  We will laminate and bind the pages to make a class color book.
We also did a little color mixing after reading 'White Rabbit's Color Book'
We cut little rabbits from coffee filters.  
Using liquid watercolors and eye droppers the little scientists experimented with colors just like the white rabbit in the book.

We filled out this little paper after to see what we remembered.  If you would like a copy click HERE or on the picture.
Graphics for the worksheet are provided by Krista Walden.  Krista has some fabulous clipart!
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Thanks for reading!  Have a great day.  :)

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  1. LOVE those pictures of the little ones painting. So fun, so free and so DAP!

    I'm your newest follower.

    Granny Goes to School

  2. You are TOO brave - and that looks like so much fun!
    We painted today, too - but not even close to what you did!

    1. HA! Did you notice most was outside??!! That's the key. :)

  3. I love all the painting ideas! I wish we had swings at our school. I would loved to have tried that with my little ones.
    Fun in ECSE

    1. Maybe you could improvise with a wagon, tricycle, or scooter??? I do love our swings, though.

  4. How fun! Makes me want to try out all these painting strategies with my kids. I'm sure they loved it!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. It was so fun to just sit back and see them be so creative! They loved it!

  5. Found you on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

  6. Thank you! I found your blog, too! Love it!