Monday, April 1, 2013

Diggin' Dinosaur Day Pictures!

Last week we finished up our dinosaur theme with a "Diggin" Dinosaur Day".  Our sweet littles ones had a great time.  I even had one sweetie tell me I was the best teacher ever.  :)  How precious is that?  I am pretty sure I have been his only teacher so far, but hey, I will take that compliment!  I have also posted my Dinosaur Early Learning Activities on my TpT and Teacher's Notebook stores, if you want to take a look.  This pack has colors, shapes, nonstandard measuring, ten frames, and rhyming activities.
We pretended to be paleontologists and excavated dinosaur bones (chocolate chips) from the earth (cookie).  Some little paleontologists took their job very seriously!  Check out the focus.  :)
These sweet ones really got into painting their dinosaurs.  We added black handprints for spikes on the dinosaurs.  So cute!

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