Friday, March 15, 2013

Dinosaur Lovers at Work!

       I See Dinosaurs!
For my afternoon class of sweet little ones who will be going to kindergarten in the fall, I try to give them more challenging work to help prepare them for the rigors of Common Core.  This emergent reader (the freebie in my last post) required them to count, record the number, and read the color word.  I gave them a "cheat sheet" to help them match color words and help with the formation of numbers.  Some could do the activity independently.  For the others who needed more help, I either underlined the color word with the corresponding color marker and/or wrote the number in yellow so they could trace it.  They feel like such big kids who are ready for kindergarten!  What kind of strategies do you use to help with recognizing color words and/or number formation?

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