Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Official Post! Colorful Eggs Freebie

After trying to figure out blog designs, I finally gave up and made the decision to have Dreamlike Magic Designs help me out.  (And, boy howdy, am I ever glad I did!)  It was worth every penny.  I am very new to blogging and quite inexperienced with technology. I am trying to figure everything out as I go along, so I ask for patience.  :)

This week, in class, we will be celebrating Read Across America with some Dr. Seuss fun.  My class consists of morning students (3 and young 4 year olds) and afternoon students (older 4 and 5 year olds).  Our students are bussed in from the entire district.  They do not all arrive at exactly the same time, so we begin our day with table time activities.  These are usually fine motor in nature and usually something that can be done fairly independently.  To account for the different stages of development of my students, I try to differentiate the activity to meet each student's needs.  In the morning (with the exception of one or two students) we are working on coloring with a tri-pod grasp, matching colors, and coloring the picture (as much as possible :) ).  In the afternoon we work on recognizing color words, as well as coloring with the correct grasp, and filling in the space of the picture.  I have included a freebie that consists of two different levels.  One is completely black and white so students can try to read the color words independently.  I will often write the words in different colors on a whiteboard so they can compare.  The other one has the color words highlighted so the student only has to match the color with the correct crayon.
I hope you enjoy!

Lola :)

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